“The fashion industry is the 2nd largest polluter in the world”

Aloysius Worldwide is a social enterprise dedicated to sustainability. It advocates for eco fashion through its clothing brand ALOYSIUS and consults on product development and digital marketing strategies for other brands, organizations and communities around the world. It actively promotes its advocacy through the use of handwoven indigenous fabrics and develop sustainable practices for the entities they collaborate with.



Shining the spotlight on heirloom sculptural pieces via the bold graphic patterns of Tnalak fabrics. A purely organic hand woven fabric by the indigenous Tboli Tribe of Lake Sebu, South Cotabato Philippines.

New York


Refined Centuries old Calado filigree embroidery over hand-woven pineapple gazar from Heritage town Taal, Batangas Philippines translated into timeless bridal classics.

Arunachal Pradesh, North East India


Tradition transported to modern day versatile casuals. Featuring hand-woven cotton weaves and delicately handmade bobbin lace from Iloilo, Philippines.

Los Angeles


Eco athleisure that promotes health, fitness and environment. Pre and post street style made of organic blends such as the Inabel handlooms of Ilocos Norte Philippines fused with smart technical treatments applied by experienced knit wear pros.



Aloysius Gallery is the first eco fashion store featuring emerging sustainable brands and designers alongside Aloysius signature pieces. Aloysius Couture. Seasonal made to measure services


Now Open

Aloysius spring summer collection 2019

Catch the launch of A.World on September 2023


Our movement extends beyond just making and selling clothes. We use every opportunity and resource we have to highlight the people behind the process. We collaborate and support these entities to strengthen our advocacy. We are inspired by them.

you for oju poster arunachal pradesh northeast india

You for OJU: An International Volunteer Program for creatives

Aloysius Worldwide is launching an international volunteer program this November together with the OJU Welfare Association Mission School in Northeast India to inspire and engage a community of destitute women in that area that are taught livelihood skills such as weaving, sewing and cosmetology. These sustainable fashion creations weaved and sewn by the hands of these women under the direction of Aloysius will be showcased in major cities around the world.

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tnalak t'nalak dress handwoven philippines lake sebu dulay lang
tnalak t'nalak dress handwoven philippines lake sebu dulay lang
tnalak t'nalak dress handwoven philippines lake sebu dulay lang

From our very own library of novelty fabrics, we can create these special archival designs just for you. Wearable art pieces that surely commands all kinds of statements.

Currently available for NYC, LA, LONDON and MANILA clients


Ilocos Region

Piña Calado

Taal, Batangas
Pineapple & Abaca

Calado is a kind of filigree work wherein the thread is pulled from the cloth in an intricate pattern that goes with simple or ornate hand embroidery designs. The finished product has a design akin to latticework. Piña suksok, or "sinuksok" meaning "to insert," describes the technique of inserting colored thread by hand and needle to create flower and leaf designs. Pineapple and Abaca fibers are used in creating Calado.




Handloom weaving in Iloilo started when Ilonggos wove textiles from materials bartered with the Chinese. Hablon is derived from the Hiligaynon word "habol", meaning to weave, and hablon refers to both the process of weaving and its finished products. Cotton, abaca, pineapple or silk are used in producing Hablon.


Lake Sebu, South Cotabato
Abaca Leaves

T'nalak is a traditional cloth found in the Mindanao island made by the T'Boli people of Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. Made from Abaca leaves, the colorant of the cloth are natural dyes boiled from bark, roots and leaves of certain plants. Sometimes called the Dream Weavers, the design of the T'nalak are dependent on the dreams of its weaver.


His journey embarked when he lived in New York City for over a decade starting out as a hair salon receptionist, to being a fabric salesman, a visual merchandiser, a costume designer, and a multidisciplined fashion designer.

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